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Remodeling the Kitchen to Suit your Mom’s Needs. Brainstorm the needs and preferences of mom.

You have to ponder what changes are essential and priorities by speaking to your mom. Find out her major concerns about the kitchen in her everyday use and the things she wants to remain the same. Find out about mobility and traffic flow. Also inquire about the number of people using the kitchen at the same time regularly. Ensure to get kitchen scrapbooks and houseware catalogs for her to pinpoint her choices of stylish and qualitative materials, appliances and items.

Research and plan.

The first approach to remodeling the kitchen is to construct a budget. This will put the cost of renovation into perspective and helps to cut overspending. This will also assist you in finding a compromise between her preference and what you can afford. This is supposed to be an educational and enlightening process. By visiting several websites on kitchen remodeling contractors, visiting kitchenware stores and home wares to have a full understanding of costs of everything, you begin the renovation armed with foreknowledge and an idea of scope of work.

Find the contractor

Unless you are a skilled designer or carpenter, you will require the services of a good Handyman in Maui / contractor. Ensure to interview the contractor to find the right fit fit your intended project. Make sure the contractor is prepared to assist from the planning stage through design and finishing touches. Strict Adherence to state regulatory requirements and placing utmost importance on sustainability will ensure your home is stylish, functional and safe. Consider contractors that concentrate on value engineering and are sensitive to cost saving methods. Also versatility and problem solving approach are qualities to look out for in contractors to cater for unforeseen circumstances and also help work around unpredictable factors.

Schematic planning and layout design

This stage includes graphical design, floor plan and elevations depicting the spacing for cabinets and drawers. This is important especially if many people use the kitchen and more than one workspace is required. At this stage, it is also vital to discuss what materials will go where and a detailed scope of work developed.

Choose finishing's

During your research and planning, a kitchen style might have been selected to compliment your moms’ personal style, taking also into consideration convenience, functionality and safety. The kitchen style could be modern, traditional, classic or kept the same. This would require finishing’s and fixtures to give it a wholesome appearance. This may include: cabinetry, kitchen sinks, light fittings, floor boards, kitchen electrical appliances, kitchen workspaces and kitchen islands.

Finalization of Design and building permits

This stage involves completion of design sketches, schematic layouts (mechanical and electrical) and floor plans. It is empirical that at this stage you have chosen a final design of kitchen style including finishings and fixtures. This will aid the contractor in providing cost estimates for the project. In a situation where you require permits, your licensed contractor will assist with the application and submission of required materials for local council approval.

Contractor Cost estimate

Ensure to get more than one contractor estimates for comparison. This would help you negotiate the best price and help you get the most out of your money. Once the schematic designs are completed, it is advisable to consult with contractor to get an estimate. If the cost is way beyond your budget, you can scale down on some non-priority items to ensure the project falls within budget.

Development of design and renovation

The renovation project would usually begin between 4-6 weeks since you submitted the building permits for approval. It is essential you come up with a realistic time plan. Ensure to clear out kitchen cabinets and put nonessential items in the storage if you intend to stay in the house during the remodeling. You should iron out these questions before the project commences. How will they remove the dust? Will it affect the health of your family? How many hours will they require to work? Can you stay indoors during flooring? Some home owners prefer to temporarily relocate during the duration of the project. If you intend to move out to give the work team maximum space and freedom to carry out their given task, it is vital you agree on the logistics. How often to meet up for updates? How do they intend to dispose the debris?

Survey the punch list

Once the construction is over, ensure to visit the punch list to find things that are missing or forgotten about. Most times the home owner writes the punch list which comprises of what needs to be fixed or finished such as a paint touch up or missing light switch plate. It is advisable to review the list because some things will certainly be forgotten.

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